#visible Loveland: The stories behind the faces of some of Loveland’s homeless

Loveland, Colorado, is known as an artisan community, with an emphasis on casting brass sculpture; but there are also many painters, jewelry makers, galleries and museums.  The city of 75,000 souls is also known for it's Valentine re-mailing program, so your sweetheart can get a valentine card from the land of love. But Loveland, like

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“Brewing Up a New Use for Old Buildings”

This was a fun project. Combining architectural preservation and craft brewing is a win-win. Prost! Click to read. And here's a sidebar that goes with the article, about Green Bay's own Titletown Brewery.  

Unstuck at Elevation

Here's another contest entry with a local publication. I didn't win, but I got first runner-up, so I'm happy. http://www.elevationoutdoors.com/unstuck-at-elevation/

“Northern Double Header”

I've been having luck getting fishing stories published, especially catching northern pike on the central Wisconsin mill pond where I grew up. Badger Sportsman is one of my favorite magazines. I was thrilled when they accepted the following story. CLICK HERE to see the article.  

“Container Homes” Article for On Common Ground Magazine

This was a great assignment because it combined repurposing surplus materials to build affordable housing - a win/win in my book. You can read the article here, if you'd like.

“Big Fish!”

I entered this story in a contest with Sportsmans News, which is the publication for Sportsmans Warehouse, where I get most of my gear.  I never heard anything in return. I was surprised when I was reading the digital version and saw the story on the back pages. (pp52 & 54)   Click here to view

“Death of a Small Town”

I wrote the following story for a writing contest whose theme was Two Worlds. It made me think of how the small town that I grew up in differed from when my father grew up in the same town.     I stood in the middle of my family’s garage and travelled back in time,

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“What I’m Thankful For”

DECEMBER 2016 THE WRITE STUFF PAGE  NCW Essay Contest Winner by Kurt Buss As a Baby Boomer, I’ve lived long enough to be thankful for many things—and I’m most thankful for that. With Cuba in the news following Castro’s death I’m reminded of the Cold War, and how close the world came to nuclear annihilation

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Guest Post on BoomerCafe.com

The BoomerCafe is a great place to connect with other Baby Boomers who are enjoying this time in life by staying fit and having fun. They were gracious enough to publish my post about climbing a 14er with my kids. Click here if you'd like to see the post.  

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“Bringing It All Back Home”

I worked for many years in the building deconstruction and material reuse business, taking apart structures and re-purposing the components. I had the opportunity to write a feature article on the subject for the Boulder Green Building Journal, so I took it. Click here to view the PDF file