Looking For a Freelance Writer With Business Experience?

Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Outdoor Writer - Kurt Buss

Kurt Buss | Freelance Writer

You know you need to update your website, amplify your internet presence and attract a greater number of customers; but the problem is, you just can’t find the time. You’re not alone. Businesses experiencing growth often struggle with having to dedicate staff and time to refresh web copy or write blog posts to keep their sites fresh and updated. Hiring a freelance writer can solve this problem. Spend the time doing what you do best and leave the copywriting to the experts.

Freelance Writer | Avoid  the headaches

A freelance writer with business experience can save you the time and the headaches associated with having to craft the best content for your website, copy that is concise and speaks to your clients’ needs in their language. A freelance writer can provide any content, whether it be page content, articles, newletters, team bios, product descriptions – pretty much every written word on your website.

With over thirty years of business knowledge as a manager, marketer and hands-on producer, I can understand your needs from personal experience. Let’s discuss your website to see if there aren’t areas for improvement in fleshing out your pages. Did you know search engines rank sites higher if the copy is renewed regularly? I can help you keep your website updated and dynamic with fresh copywriting throughout.  With extensive outdoor experience, I also specialize in outdoor writing if your content is focused that way. Freelance writing, especially when it pertains to the great outdoors, is my passion.

So contact me to discuss your website, blog and other marketing needs. This is a task you can soon scratch  off your To-Do list.

  • Web Content, Product Descriptions, Team Bios
  • Company Newsletter or Magazine (online or print)
  • Blogs and Marketing Collateral
  • Grant Writing
  • Research and Reporting